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Ruach Fertility & Gynaecology

OuR Professional Team

At Ruach Clinic we understand our patients’ struggles and are dedicated to guide them through their respective journeys with the best specialist care that we can offer.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to serve our patients with compassion, integrity and excellence.

Our Medical Professionals


Dr Jaco Strydom

Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist
Dr Jaco was born and grew up in Potchefstroom in the old Western Transvaal. After matriculating at Gimnasium High School in 1993, he enrolled into studying Medicine at the University of the Free State.
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Dr Tharina van Schalkwyk

Dr Tharina van Schalkwyk

Women's Health Practitioner
Dr Tharina van Schalkwyk is a medical doctor who grew up in Betlehem in the Eastern Free State. She grew up in a house where both her parents were medical doctors and it was therefore not surprising that she decided to follow in their footsteps.
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Sr Beatrix Cooper

Sr Beatrix Cooper

Registered Nurse
Sister Bea is a registered nurse and Fertility Treatment Co-ordinator. She was born and raised in the Eastern Cape. After matriculating, she studied at the University of Port Elizabeth and obtained a B-Cur degree in Nursing.
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Lizelle Griessel

Lizelle Griessel

Lizelle Griessel is a qualified Clinical Technologist. She grew up in the city of Pretoria and matriculated at Zwartkop High School in Centurion. After school she studied Clinical Technology and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Reproductive Biology from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in 2007.
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Sr Suzette Human

Registered Theatre Recovery Nurse
Suzette was born and raised in Bloemfontein and matriculated from Sentraal High School. She completed her Nursing Diploma at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria.
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Our Administrative Support Staff

Marlize Strydom

Financial Manager
Marlize Strydom grew up in the Free State and matriculated from Sand du Plessis High School in Bloemfontein. She studied law at the University of the Free State and completed her LLB degree in 2000.
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Marnus Malan

Office Administrator
Marnus grew up in Hartswater in the Northern Cape.  After school he studied Hospitality Management at the CUT (Central University of Technology) in Bloemfontein.
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Our Clinical Support

Simone Vink

Clinical Psychologist
Simone Vink is a registered Clinical Psychologist who has a special interest in working with couples who are embarking on a journey to expand their family.  
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Thamari Kally

Counselling Psychologist
Thamari Kally is a registered Counselling Psychologist with a special interest in working with the psychological side of reproductive health.
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Why The Name Ruach ?


“Ruach” in Hebrew

The word RUACH is found almost 400 times in the Old Testament. RUACH can refer to a human spirit, a literal breath or wind or the figurative meaning as in “a mere breath”. But God’s RUACH is the source of life. If God blows His RUACH into something, it will come to life. Be it finances, relationships, a business or a marriage. His breath commands life.

“My Spirit will give you breath, and you will live again. I will bring you home, and you will know that I have kept my promise. I, the Lord, have spoken.” Ez. 37:14 (CEV)


“Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” Gen. 2:7

The Collins Dictionary lists breath as “life, energy, or vitality” amongst some definitions. We believe that life, energy and vitality, the breath of life, can only be given by God alone. We can do everything scientifically possible, but it is always and only God who breathes life. We can never take the credit or honor for life, energy, vitality and bestowing breath.


The Hebrew language is ancient and wonderful. RUACH is written in Hebrew using the following symbols: the resh, vav and chet. (Keep in mind that you read Hebrew from right to left.)  The Hebrew word picture for the letter Resh, is a head or person. The symbolic meaning of the letter Resh is a poor man who is bent over. The Vav is the symbol of connection and completion. It is used to join, bind and unite. The Chet is the letter of life and light.


We believe that God can blow life into any circumstance where people are living “bent over” and feel poor in spirit. When they find connection and are united with the life force we proclaim as God, they will find new life and light.

Welcome at Ruach!

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