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Dr Eljoh & Danie Lombard

Dr Eljoh & Danie Lombard

We had the wonderful privilege of being patients of Dr Strydom for the biggest part of 2019. Dealing with Infertility can be challenging but it was made so much easier by having a doctor who truly cares. From the very 1st appointment , we appreciated the fact that he listened to our questions and fears and took the time to explain every step of the process.

He is not only incredibly good at what he does on an medical/scientific level but he also supports one emotionally through every step of the way, every high and every low.

The day that we 1st saw our tiny fetus’s heart beat on the ultrasound, he had tears in his eyes (so did we obviously) and it was clear once again that for Dr Jaco this was so much more than just a job, it was his passion and heavenly calling.

I have subsequently referred every patient and every friend who struggles with infertility straight to Dr Jaco as it was a privilege and an incredible blessing to be his patient.

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