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Ronald and Cheralle Sinra

Ronald and Cheralle Sinra

RUACH is a Hebrew word that means spirit, wind, and breath. This is our experience and way of operation, service, interaction, and engagement with couples who wish to have children. Our story is a way of sharing the testimony and journey with the Fertility specialist Dr. Jaco Strydom and the team.

Upon our first visit to RAUCH Fertility and Gynaecology Clinic towards the end of April, beginning of May 2022, the warmth, passion, friendliness, and professionalism was the first impression bestowed by the receptionist to Sister Bea and the Dr. himself. Our story made the doctor drop a tear; after wiping, he went straight into the genuine, empathetic, medical-assisted pregnancy planning and session scheduling. Like the Holy Spirit was all over the entire clinic’s consultation room. I promise that 2 to 3 weeks after visiting the clinic, my wife and I conceived twins naturally (a boy and a girl) without any medical assistance at that stage. Dr. Strydom and co. we walked the 21-week journey with us. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up losing our babies on 04 October 2022. My wife and I had to accept, grieve, heal steadily, and remain optimistic as it was our second time miscarrying.

During February 2023, God Blessed us again with pregnancy, this time with one child, through Dr. Strydom and Co’s hardworking hands, patience, genuine care, and persistence. We walked the journey again with the clinic, and on 04 October 2023, our daughter, Cheron Ashia Sinra, was born successfully. This is a testimony for life because of God’s presence, grace, and love unto His people, through His people, and for His people. We are so Blessed to have discovered a place like RUACH, and we intend and hope to inspire, encourage, and motivate couples who find themselves in similar, complex, infertility and painful pregnancy experiences.

Cheralle and Ronald Sinra, Cheron’s parents, will forever be grateful for the life-changing and marriage-enriching experience at RUACH Fertility and Gynaecology Clinic. Look at the bundle of Joy (Cheron Sinra) held by Dr. Jaco Strydom.

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