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Willie & Simoné Bothma

Willie & Simoné Bothma

After struggling with infertility for +- 5 years we met Dr. Jaco Strydom.

With our first encounter we were received with so much love and compassion.  Dr. Strydom’s ability to make you feel at home and supported at the same time, was such a big blessing for us.  He was interested in us, our story and he went over and above to make me feel comfortable and content with each examination.  He kept us updated on all processes and the emotional support we received from Dr. Strydom and Sister Bea was overwhelming.

We decided on artificial insemination and Dr. Strydom explained all the details with so much clarity.  After our 1st attempt, we fell pregnant. Our healthy little baby girl was born on the 17th of June 2021 & our hearts’ are full.  Dr. Strydom not only became a friend but he also helped us to become the family we always dreamt of.

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