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What is Endometriosis?

When tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus (the endometrium) grows outside your uterus.

“Tell-tale” signs of endometriosis

  • Progressive menstrual pain
  • No response to pain medication
  • Not able to perform normal activities during periods due to pain

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of endometriosis

Medical treatment of endometriosis

First line treatment of endometriosis is medical (hormonal) therapy in order to relieve symptoms. It is also used after surgery to supress re-activation of disease. All types of medical therapy is contraceptive in nature and plays no role in enhancing fertility. Treatment can be started even  without doing a laparoscopy.

Surgical treatment of endometriosis

Surgery for endometriosis is when medical therapy fails to bring adequate relief from symptoms (e.g. pain). Surgery is also indicated for women struggling to get pregnant. Surgical treatment of endometriosis should be by laparoscopy and NOT by open surgery.

Take note:

  • Hysterectomy is NOT a cure for endometriosis. The disease should also be addressed with / without hysterectomy.
  • Yearly or multiple laparoscopies should be avoided


Laparoscopy – view inside the pelvis

Minimal endometriosis – grade 1

Moderate endometriosis

Endometriosis (“chocolate”) cyst

Recto-vaginal endometriosis

Severe endometriosis – Grade 4

Ablation (burning of lesions)


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